From spring into the winter

Thanks to an early flight escort Christy left on Wednesday for Cologne to her temporary foster home. The little one immediately learned what snow is, because in Germany it is still winter while here spring has already begun.
We hope that Christy soon will find her for ever home.

Christy at her foster home

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Christy found a new home

Christy has found a new home already! She now lives in Cologne and her new name is Louie.

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Car Boot Sale – Saturday 20 April in Limenas

As every year, there will also be a car boot sale in 2013 at the parking near the ferry port of Limenas.
ACT will also be present with a stand with all kinds of nice things for sale.
As it now appears the weather will be nice. We look forward to your visit.
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More new dogs

A small dog was walking around in Limenas in December. A nice lady and her family felt sorry for her and took care of the dog by feeding her. In January they found out that she was pregnant and on 13 January she gave birth to 3 puppies. It was winter and quite cold, so the family cut half of the bush where she hid her babies and put them and the mother in their storage place.
After 3 months the puppies were bigger and of course ate more and the family had to conclude that it was becoming too expensive and too much work. They called ACT to ask if we could help. Luckily we had room so we went to Limenas to pick the mother and puppies up. But after 2 days the phone rang again: they had fallen so in love with the black boy (we called him Freddy), that they asked if they could please have him back.
And so we said ‘of course‘ being sure that the little fellow would have a good home there.
Meanwhile all four were vaccinated and the mother dog will be sterilized soon.
The little sisters Frida (brown) and Flora (white) will go to Klaus in Germany on the 11th of May, where surely they will find a forever home soon.

In the same week a boy from Kalivia found 4 very little hunting mix puppies in the village at the side of the road. They were all male, so we assume that they were dumped because some hunters think that females are better hunting dogs. They were only 8 weeks old and would have been run over by a car if they weren’t found.
They were extra lucky, because we still had one foster family available.
They are happy little chaps and now waiting for a new home. We named them Giant, Gus, Gizmo and Goldie.

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5 dumped puppies

Today 5 tiny little puppies were found by 2 girls in Kalivia. They were left next to a garbage bin in a box with a blanket. At least they were not thrown away in a plastic bag, but still… May be it was somebody who couldn’t keep them but at the same time felt sorry for them?
Let’s hope they were found in time and make it through the night, because they did not seem very happy when they were brought to us.
We don’t have any foster families available at the moment, so they are staying at someone who already takes care of 5 other dogs. What else could we do, say no?
So dear people living on Thassos, if you can please help us with fostering! Thanks!

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